5 Money Making System to Grow Your Small Business in 2022

5 Money Making System to Grow Your Small Business in 2022

To keep this video pretty simple, I'm going to break it down into the five different types of systems that you should really consider putting in place in your business to help you track your customers and leads, manage your products and services, and help you generate more revenue in your business.



The first type of system that you should really consider building in 2022 is a CRM. CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM can be defined as a relationship management system that is designed to help track and organize the information, lead status and analytical data for all current and potential customers (leads).


Basically  a CRM is just a database that you will create of the customers that come in contact with your business over the years. So inside of the database, you'll have your current clients that you're actively working with and any customer leads. 


My two favorite CRMs are HubSpot and HoneyBook.



Hubspot is a 100% free platform that you can use and get started within just a few clicks.

It is very robust software and integration that you can add-on to the system but uses a simple and clean interface making it beginner-friendly. Hubspot gives you the flexibility of starting extremely basic by helping to track information about your clients, sending a receiving email, keeping track of documents, and meeting notes directly from a created client account. 


Outside of the basic features, you can advance the system by adding on different add ons like email automation, forms, and much more. HubSpot is a great platform that you can not only start with but can also use to grow your business as well.


Honey Book

Honey Book is a  great all-in-one platform for solo entrepreneurs such as photographers, website designers, and any type of freelancer looking to stay organized. HoneyBook is designed to take your leads and convert them into customers in one platform. You send invoices, quotes, and receive payments, all in that one platform.


Project Management

I like to use my project management system in two ways. The first way is to idea dump. Throughout the year when I come up with great ideas, instead of having thousands of pieces of little paper scattered with all my ideas, I have one software where I can put all of my ideas in one place. Having one platform that can track my ideas is not only helpful when trying to remember everything; having project management allows me to plan out all the tasks needed to get my goal accomplished. 


 a project management system is not only in the process of you planning those different projects, you can also schedule different events and how things are set deadlines for yourself in order to get those tasks done to meet the goal. So really powerful stuff. 


My two favorite project management systems are Click Up and Trello.


Click Up

Click Up provides you with multiple interfaces within the platform. This allows you to view and manage your projects from different perspectives. The diversity allows you the opportunity to  customize how you see your tasks and projects. It also is  great if you're a solo entrepreneur and you're looking to hire freelancers or people to help you get certain projects done. You can just simply invite guests into your project management system and send them specific tasks while still restricting their view of the whole platform. 



Trello allows you to schedule and view multiple projects at once. This is structured like a folder style or a board style type of platform. Trello, will allow you to pre-plan your social media content. You can post social media posts directly in Trello, and schedule it to be sent to your social media. 


Email Marketing 

A Lot of small business owners know about the power of email marketing and how important it is for you to have a really strong email marketing system. With so many email marketing platforms out there that it can get a little confusing as to where to start. 


My top three recommendations for email marketing are Flodesk, Klavio, and ConvertKit.



Flodesk is extremely simple and straightforward. You can create beautiful emails with the layouts that are provided on this platform. Flodesk doesn’t only provide you with email templates that are aesthetically pleasing but, word templates as well.  



Klavio is more specific to e-commerce stores and this is really popular on Shopify. Klavio has the ability to use the data from your ecommerce stores to help you give suggestions on the types of emails that you should send. It also provides you with really beautiful email templates and you can create coupon codes. This platform all your to get extremely creative with marketing to help boost your sales.



ConvertKit is perfect for service-based businesses that thrive off their data. Although all email marketing is about numbers, and marketing in general  ConvertKit is really the powerhouse of providing you with the data that you need to help you grow. Another great thing about Convert Kit is the campaigns. This platform allows you to create drip campaigns that are automatically scheduled to send out to your email list when they opt-in to a certain campaign. 


Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is similar to email marketing as being effective to send out updates and promotions to your audience. Text message marketing is extremely important because we're always on our phones, we're always on the go. And studies have shown that text message marketing does actually convert more or is more effective than email marketing.


My two recommendations for text message marketing is Slick Text and SMS Bump


Slick Text

Slick Text is a standalone text message marketing system that you can use to send  effective text message blasts with just a few clicks. Now they do offer a 14 day free trial so you can get started and play around with the platform for 100% free.


SMS Bump

SMS Bump is the perfect system to sync with your ecommerce stores. Similar to Klavio for email marketing, SMS Bump integrates well with your Shopify store or other ecommerce platform.


Sales Automation

Sales Automation is usually done through a platform such as your website or a landing page. This is the platform that you choose to list your products and services to sell your products. 

The two platforms I recommend for sales automation is Shopify and Sam Cart


Shopify is a  powerful platform and the number one ecommerce platform in the world. 

Shopify is a really simple interface that you can use to design your website with embedded  technical features that are provided into the platform. Shopify is so powerful, because it is all in one platform that provides you with not only the technical features that you need to be successful online, but it's simple enough for you to use and manage every single day to where you're not overwhelmed and overwhelmed with doing this online.

 Sam Cart

Sam Cart is the perfect one page, landing page software. This platform allows you to list the information about your service or your product, and allow customers to purchase on one page. 

Sam's Cart provides you with data and analytics that you can use to help  improve your marketing strategy to help increase your sales.

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